“Before I came to know Dr. Quigley I was so used to being in pain that, on average, I would take four to six ibuprofen a day for headaches and body pain. I have been an avid skier and rock climber all of my life and have had multiple concussions including a major fall off of a 50 foot cliff at Alpine Meadows ski resort. I have been through sleep tests, MRI’s, EEG’s, X-rays, CAT scans, and all sorts of other tests to find out why I was in so much pain, yet none of the tests or doctors could determine what was wrong with me. I thought I was cursed to live a life of constant pain.

Then one day Dr. Quigley came to my work and did a 5 minute chiropractic analysis of my spine and invited me to come in for an examination at his chiropractic office in Reno. He performed a very thorough exam and informed me that some of the bones in my neck and low back were not moving like they should be and that my hips were off by a few centimeters due to my left leg being anatomically shorter than my right.

After two visits to see Dr. Quigley my daily headaches were completely gone, and to this day (more than six months after my first visit) I have yet to experience another headache. My body is finally getting back to normal as well. I still hurt, but not anywhere near as bad as what I was feeling everyday of my life before undergoing chiropractic care.

Doctor Quigley has given me hope and a sense that doctors really do care and some can create miracles. He is a great person and an even better Chiropractor and I would urge anyone to contact him with any of their health problems. He has changed my life for the better and I believe that he could do the same for anyone else.”

– Joshua B.

“Before becoming a patient of Dr. Quigley’s, I had never sought chiropractic care, and to be honest I was a little skeptical about Chiropractors in general! I’ve had daily throbbing lower back/sciatic nerve pain, drop foot, bone spurs, and debilitating Plantar Fasciitis for years. I had started to think the chronic pain I was experiencing was “normal” and that I just had to live with it. Dr. Quigley has shown me otherwise…

In less than a year of his care, with occasional chiropractic adjustments, my daily throbbing lower back pain has been reduced to mild flair-ups, and my Plantar Fasciitis is completely resolved. I began seeing Dr. Quigley a couple times a week and as I got better my chiropractic treatment sessions were spread farther and farther apart. Dr. Quigley’s care hasn’t ended there though! We discuss stretches and exercises to sustain healing, nutritional supplementation and weight management, and how to keep my immune system strong. Dr. Quigley is genuinely concerned about my total well-being as a patient.

This holistic approach extends to the entire office. I am greeted at each appointment with warm smiles, good conversation, and a genuine interest in how I am feeling. Making appointments is easy and convenient, and insurance billing is timely. Dr. Quigley and his staff make me feel truly welcome, at ease, and cared-for.

I credit Dr. Quigley with dramatically reducing my chronic pain, and as a result, improving my overall quality of life. Once the skeptic, I now recommended chiropractic medicine and Dr. Quigley in particular, to all of my friends and colleagues!”

– Jennifer H. 

“Regular Chiropractic Adjustments and RockTape have helped me to perform at my best during fencing competitions. I feel more balanced as a result of these treatments and I can always feel the difference in how much better I perform if I get a treatment before I compete.”

– Mitchell Saron – North American Cup Winner in Fencing

“I came to Dr. Quigley with low back pain and sciatica leg pain that was just tremendous. On a pain scale of 0-10, I swear that it was sometimes an 11. I was losing sleep and it was very challenging to do everyday work. Dr. Quigley discovered the cause of my problem and performed some chiropractic adjustments to my spine which helped to clear up the problem almost immediately. He also made suggestions in regard to nutritional supplements, which helped a lot.

Dr. Quigley has definitely demonstrated that he cares with his follow-up procedures. Overall, Dr. Quigley has given me wonderful chiropractic care and my family and I will continue to use his services in the future.”

– L. Phillips 

“I have been to several chiropractors in the past in the Truckee, California area and I wanted to find a local chiropractor in Reno, NV after moving here. I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Quigley at a business luncheon.

Dr. Quigley has worked on my needs to keep my back mobile on a regular basis. Through his efforts my most constant lower back pain has been effectively reduced to little or no pain at all. He is always available for extra chiropractic adjustments whenever a flare-up occurs, which at my age is not uncommon.”

– George W. 

“Last year I came to Dr. Quigley in a lot of pain. Before the pain started I had experienced some back issues off and on for about 8 years, but had absolutely no intention of seeing a chiropractor. When I went to see Dr. Quigley for the first time I told him that I was skeptical, and that I was only there because I was desperate for the pain to stop and that this was my last resort.

I told him that I had seen two chiropractors recently and that they weren’t bad experiences, but they had not helped me. Dr. Quigley was very thorough, and actually took the time to figure out what the real problem was. He was the first to discover the source of a lot of my pain, which included two fused vertebrae which I was born with. He was able to physically show me the problem areas on my x-rays.

I am feeling much better now, but I am amazed that it took me so long to discover these things being well into my thirties, especially since I had seen two chiropractors previously. Now, as a pleased patient, I pass out Dr. Quigley’s cards whenever I hear of someone complaining of back pain.”

– Spring H. 

“I have always felt that routine chiropractic adjustments are an important part of good health. When I moved to Reno, I tried several chiropractors, but was unhappy with their method of treatment. I met Dr. Quigley over a year ago and am quite happy with the adjustments I receive from him. He tailors the chiropractic adjustments to each individuals needs rather than providing cookie cutter adjustments (identical for every person) like I had received from the other chiropractors.

After several years of nagging, I convinced my husband to try chiropractic adjustments. He has had back pain on and off for many years due to a disc problem. Now, with regular adjustments, he has virtually no more back pain. My husband’s adjustments from Dr. Quigley are different from mine, because he has different issues than I do.

My husband and I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Quigley to friends, family or even strangers. He is a very caring person and a competent chiropractor.”

– Freddie and Tom B. 

“Would like to thank Dr. Quigley for the wonderful chiropractic care that I have received. My original injury occurred 40 years ago from falling on my back on a concrete floor, which caused multiple compression fractures in my lower spine. I have not had any relief of this pain until meeting Dr. Quigley.

After receiving care from Dr. Quigley for about a month my pain levels dropped considerably. Then I was involved in an auto accident and my pain levels were worse than ever before. I continued to see Dr. Quigley and after some more chiropractic treatments most of the pain and discomfort were gone.

The office atmosphere is very friendly and inviting. The staff welcomes you when you walk in and the treatment rooms have some warmth to them. The doctor and staff are professional, but not to the point of being sterile, which makes a person feel welcomed. I have already referred a couple of people to Quigley Chiropractic and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Quigley to anyone in need of a good chiropractor.”

– Ronald K.