Neck Posture Pump

Cervical (Neck) Traction tools such as this one help to decompress the discs in your spine, which leads to less neck pain and a more normal posture.

These home traction units work great for many different causes of neck pain and poor posture. We recommend this form of home rehabilitation for car accident related pain such as whiplash, patients that have arthritis or disc issues in their neck, and for many patients that have issues with chronic stress headaches or migraines.

Over-the-door Neck Traction

This is referred to as “axial traction” meaning that the device lifts and stretches your spine to reduce the pressure on the nerves in your neck.

This form of spinal decompression in Reno also helps to relieve disc pain and muscle spasms in the neck and upper back. When traction is used correctly at home most patients report less tingling, numbness, and pain into their arms and hands in conjunction with less neck pain and stiffness.

Low Back Posture Pump

Lumbar (Low Back) Traction works in many of the same ways as neck traction. It helps to alleviate lower back pain by decompressing the discs in your lower spine.

With less pressure on the discs and nerves in your lower back it gives your body time to heal and repare the damaged tissues.

Please talk to your Chiropractor before starting any new exercise or home traction routine.

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